The 32nd European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference will take place in Vigo on 15-17 June 2023. The conference will be organised by the LVTC (Language Variation and Textual Categorisation) research group at the University of Vigo and the theme will be (Cognitive) developments in multimodal (digital) communication. Expanding traditional borders in SFL.

From the assumption that human interaction is inherently multimodal, and the acceptance of the co-development of society and digital media for communication and its analysis, this conference aims to deepen in the explanation of language and other modes of meaning-making, and explore models for the representation of such multimodality. The conference invites SFL and associated disciplines to approach the study of verbal and non-verbal communication in the form of paper presentations, posters and single-themed symposia with multiple speakers.

Although the conference is open to contributions that address all kinds of SFL theory and research/practice topics, we especially welcome proposals that connect the theme of the conference to these areas of research, among others:

  • SFL and Multimodality
  • SFL, Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity
  • SFL, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • SFL and Corpus Linguistics
  • SFL and Genre theories/ analysis
  • SFL and Cognitive Linguistics
  • SFL and Pragmatics
  • SFL and (Critical) Discourse Analysis
  • SFL and L2 Teaching and Learning
  • SFL and ESP
  • SFL and (digital) Communication (medical, business, political, etc.)
  • SFL, Translation and Multilingual Studies
  • SFL and Ecolinguistics
  • SFL and Literary Studies
  • SFL and Culture and Media Studies

Previous European SFL conferences were celebrated in Nottingham (1992), Madrid (1993), Antwerp (1994), Valencia (1995), Nottingham (1996), Halle (1997), Liverpool (1998), Gent (1999), Glasgow (2000), Brest (2001), Lisbon (2002), Leeds (2003), Miraflores (2004) London (2005), Gorizia (2006), Saarbrucken (2007), Helsinki (2008), Cardiff (2009), Koper (2010), Bertinoro (2012), Coventry (2013), Paris (2014), Aachen (2015), Salzburg (2016), Salamanca (2017), Pavia (2018), Leiria (2019), Sheffield (2021) and Odense (2022).

Organised by:

Language Variation and Textual Categoristion research group (Department of English, French and German, University of Vigo)